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Security and Safety Window Tinting

Security and Safety Window Tinting

Security and Safety Window Tinting

Adelaide Premier Window Tinting safety and security window films are available in a range of thicknesses and can be either clear or tinted to suit your needs. The adhesive on each type of film is designed to bond with incredible strength to the window, meaning that the heavy-duty multi-layered polyester safety and security films can hold glass in place even after it has been smashed.

Our industry leading safety and security window films offer superior optical clarity, high impact resistance, advanced adhesives and are fully backed by a comprehensive manufacturers warranty.

Our safety and security window films will provide you with 99% harmful UV rejection whether they are clear or tinted and come with a patented scratch resistant hard coat.

Security Window Films - An Attractive Alternative to Security Screens in Adelaide

Security window films are suitable for preventing entry of unwanted visitors and for protection during storms and natural disasters. Acting as a deterrent, burglars and vandals are less likely to succeed or carry-on with a break-in when confronted with a security window film fitted by Adelaide Premier Window Tinting.

Feel safe and secure - protect your valuable possessions from theft or damage with an Adelaide Premier Window Tinting security window film.

Safety Glass in Adelaide

Safety window films are your solution to reduce the risk of injury from broken glass and protect your loved ones. In the event of an accident or glass breakage occurring, the glass shards will be safely held in place by our premium quality safety window films.

Whether for retrofit applications or new constructions, safety window films are a cost effective alternative to fitting laminated safety glass.

We all know children love to play and explore their surroundings and that we can’t be watching over them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also all understand that accidents can and will happen from time to time as an unavoidable part of everyday life. Enjoy your peace of mind knowing that your glass has been fitted with a safety window film.

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