Security Window Films

Security Window Films

If you’re after security window film for your home or commercial property then Adelaide Premier Window Tinting has you covered for all your security window film needs!

Security window films by Adelaide Premier Window Tinting can be either clear or tinted and the films come in a wide range of thicknesses to suit your individual needs. They are an attractive alternative to security screens in Adelaide – no more unsightly mesh or security bars. Security films enable you to get the security you need without ruining your view.

Security window film bonds to glass with incredible strength and the heavy-duty multi-layered polyester film can hold glass in place even after the window has been smashed. Please watch the video below to see a demonstration of how a security film works:

Security Windows and Protective Films by Adelaide Premier Window Tinting

Burglars and vandals are far less likely to succeed or even carry-on with an attempted break-in when confronted with a window fitted with a security window film.

Adelaide Premier Window Tinting security window films come with a patented scratch resistant hard coat and provide you with 99% harmful UV rejection. Our industry leading safety and security window films offer high impact resistance, advanced adhesives and superior optical clarity. 

Security Windows in Adelaide

Although unfortunate, break-ins and burglaries are a reality in today’s society. However, Adelaide Premier Window Tinting has an extensive range of security window films suitable for preventing entry of unwanted visitors; these films also give added protection from broken glass during storms and natural disasters.

Security window films by Adelaide Premier Window Tinting are fully backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

Enjoy your peace of mind and protect your valuable possessions from theft and damage with Adelaide Premier Window Tinting security films. Contact us today to discuss your security window film needs in Adelaide.